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Sometimes it takes just that little bit extra to achieve your goals.  Six Actual builds and
integrates software solutions specific to your needs to help you reach your goals. We work on projects of all sizes spanning from several months to multiple years and specialize in projects with a high degree of complexity.

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   About Six Actual

Six Actual offers a variety of development and consulting services. Our team is highly seasoned and collectively has well over a hundred years of experience in designing software systems.  But what's more important than talking about ourselves, is talking about how well we work with our clients!  

Six Actual is versatile in the way we work with our clients to produce results. As your go-to development team or as augmentation for your internal development team, we provide top level solutions that you are looking for to succeed.

Just as important, we have found that working side-by-side with internal development teams can provide some of the best results. With the skills gained from our partnership we will leave you with the confidence needed to take over the solution when the contract ends.

Creating software is much like building a house. Nothing is as important as a strong foundation but the features of the home are the most exciting part to experience. Our approach is to understand the world our clients live in, their pain points, and their wish list items. From there we design on a well thought out foundation to ensure your custom solution is solid, scalable and easy-to-use.

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Six Actual Services

End-to-end Software solutions to help you succeed!

Architecture Design and Evaluation

Since the architecture of a software system constrains the quality attributes, the decisions taken during architectural design have a large impact on the resulting system and 6a
provides the critical oversight needed.

Web and Cloud Based Development

Whether developing, testing, or deploying your apps in the cloud, 6a is prepared to help.

Mobile App Development

6a helps companies with mobile app development for custom needs.

API Integration

A good API makes it easier to develop a program by providing all the building blocks. 6a helps our clients put them together.

Database Design

With companies relying on data in new ways, database design is more important than ever. Six Actuals’ database design best practices can make all the difference.

Rapid Prototyping

Six Actual processes allow for the necessity of adjusting requirements in reaction to knowledge gained as a project progresses, emphasizing a flexible process.

User Experience

The first requirement for a great user experience is to meet the exact needs for the usage of a product or a service. Six Actual has the expertise to lead our customers down this path.

From Our Leaders

“We want folks to know that if they hire us they will get the best solution for their dollar. I want them to feel like they have a secret weapon that can do anything ‘tech’ for them. They don’t have to know what they want, how it must work, or when it needs to be done. We can come alongside them and guide them to a market leading solution through any barrier or problem space. Our clients should feel that every dollar brings a value they could not find elsewhere. We are not there to take their money, but to make their money work for them.”

Josh Morris
Chief Executive Officer

“6a is a team of very experienced and qualified personnel in all areas of software production that not only have the experience in the area of their expertise, but experience working together. To develop software requires project management, architecture, development and QA, with the whole much greater than the sum of its parts.  The ability to complete and deliver projects on time and within budget seems to be something rare, and the biggest risk of undertaking medium to large development projects.”

Josh Shenberg
Chief Operating Officer (COO)

"At 6A, we take pride in workmanship.  From Product Definition to Product Launch, we "know how" to deliver a top shelf experience. Whether it is Cloud Engineering, Enterprise Solutions, B2B or Mobile Apps, 6A has it covered.  Our team, becomes your team."

Chip Donatone
Senior Vice President of Engineering Operations (SVP)

“The software industry has grown immensely over the past few years... ideas that were once  science fiction might soon become reality. Though robots may be on the horizon, it’s still the people that make people’s day better (or worse). Six Actual wants to make technically sound, thoughtful software that positively impacts our clients’ day-to-day lives.”

Kat Buchholz
Vice President of Product

“Our goal from the outset was to fully integrate ourselves into the business and technology challenges that our customers face. We are looking to solve pain (a business problem) and lower the total cost of ownership by accelerating time to productivity (compressed durations translate to lower total cost). The end result: An outcome based solution, on time and under budget! We take great pride in the fact that we’re local, proven, flexible and accountable. We look to be an employer of choice and a trusted partner to our clients.”

Rick Anderson
Vice President of Sales & Marketing Operations